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To my fellow Bay Area humans:

My name is Heather Pujals and I rescued an amazing dog named Ryan nearly 4 years ago who just went missing in Daly City, CA on Wednesday, July 16, 2014. She is a SERVICE DOG who, although I never expected this when I adopted her, has the gift of being able to detect the oncomings of my debilitating migraines. I have suffered with these all my life (they run in the family) and they have always caused me to miss a lot of school and work, and they are so excruciating that I become unable to drive, leave the house, or even eat, and I am sometimes forced to stay in bed for days. With The help of Ryan’s early detection of the chemical changes in my body before a migraine hits, I can take preventative medication that 9/10 times stops the migraine from surfacing. (Migraine alert dogs are not very common yet, but they are similar to seizure alert dogs.) I need her help, and it just so happens that her separation anxiety is bad enough that she really needs me too. We are like Siamese twins and never go anywhere without each other. Please help spread the word—even if you don’t live in the Bay Area, maybe you have friends or connections who do. Every “share” counts and the clock is ticking. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to Ryan. The longer she is out there, the higher her chances of being hit by a car (or other terrible things) become.

Mostly black with brown paws, long silky yet fluffy fur, medium size, 40 lbs, floppy ears, black spots on pink tongue, border collie mix.

Extremely shy, afraid of strangers (will not approach), will run if chased (DO NOT CHASE IF YOU SEE HER, call (408) 316-1587 ASAP and perhaps follow calmly from a distance), very sweet and loving with those she knows well, is very smart and knows dozens of commands but likely will not respond in this situation.

Last seen on Wednesday, July 16 at 12pm near St. Francis Blvd and Higate Dr., Daly City, CA 94015.
Ryan is a 4 year old spayed female who is current on her Rabies vaccination, is microchipped, and is licensed in the city of San Francisco. She was wearing a blue collar with a name tag that has my number, as well as her SF dog license.

Your “share” could make the difference to help reunite me and Ryan. I can’t stand to be away from her and I know she is suffering too. Thank you.

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not just followers, everyone.


I’m here if any of you need to talk<3

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The best part is, this post actually does something, it offers support, unlike one of those useless “reblog if you care” posts.

Exactly. Which is why I’ll reblog this one.

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frankly, I’m afraid of getting involved any of those warning posts about the bullshit going on with assholes who think it’s funny to harass people,
But I just wanted to say - be careful using tumblr - and if I end up getting hacked I hope you all know well enough to know it isn’t me.

Plus, i think it would be obvious anyway because I haven’t really been on tumblr that much.


*rides off into the sunset on your dad*


*rides off into the sunset on your dad*

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So for those who may need me for something

I have plans tomorrow and will be unavailable for an undetermined amount of time.
I tried texting people to close up any loose ends but in case I missed something I wanted to post this here where people can see.
In light of this, I also have to go to bed early tonight so I won’t be available in the evening either.

Wow so I am more frustrated with animal crossing right now than… Possible ever.
Before phoebe (one of my first villagers, and one of my favorites) moved into town, I placed a suspension bridge in an area where I would be able to get across my town easily instead of having to go to the other end to take the default bridge.
Just yesterday I took down that bridge because I was going to replace it with a brick one.
I go on today to find that because EVERY freaking villager has placed their home near my river I have only ONE spot in my village where I bridge can even be built, and that spot is at the opposite end of the town (which is even more inconvenient than the default) so basically I made a huge mistake starting with my suspension bridge because I liked it more than the default and now I can’t have any other bridge at all.
So basically if/when pashmina moves I can build a bridge over the rest of my bamboo (this game just really wants to kill my bamboo patch), but it’ll be in a really visually unappealing place. If I ever want a bridge where I wanted to build it I would have to let phoebe move, which is pretty much not an option (she is my uchi dream villager).

What is making me mad is
If I can’t build there, why was she able to build her house there to begin with. Like, the rules would be reversed right, so it shouldn’t even be an option for her to have built so close to an existing bridge (the only thing I can think is maybe my bridge wasnt completed at that time? But she still shouldn’t have been able to build so close to the public works project). The game should have some way of preventing villagers from moving too close to public works projects. Like, if I can’t build there why did the randomization even place her house there, it shouldn’t have been an option in the games coding).

Like everything about this village was great this time, and that was the most visually appealing and convenient spot for a bridge in the whole town and now I don’t have a bridge there at all because I thought I would be able to build a bridge in the exact same spot where one used to exist while phoebe had already lived next to it. I don’t even know how the game dictates “too close to a villagers home” because this is like at least 4-5 squares away from any villagers house.

Sorry for the rant. I haven’t even been online a lot lately, but I’m just really frustrated :T

oops now there are two color scheme things I want to do and I couldn’t choose between them if I wanted to — it wouldn’t really matter because I don’t usually get requests for those things anyway (and when I do I end up being lazy and not drawing them so I don’t blame people for not sending me requests, but hopefully it would be different now that nick got me a tablet).

so instead, I’m just giving myself requests for both color scheme things and maybe I’ll do them eventually or something.

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